Continuous ink supply system for HP Printers that Use Hp No. 96/97 ink cartridges

Continuous ink supply system for HP Printers that Use Hp No. 96/97 ink cartridges
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Online Price: $89.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: cis-hp-96-97
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  • Part No: cis-hp-96-97
  • Use for:  HP Designjet 5940 Designjet 5940xi
    Deskjet 5740 Deskjet 5740xi Deskjet 5743 Deskjet 5745 Deskjet 5748 Deskjet 5940 Deskjet 5940xi Deskjet 6520 Deskjet 6520xi
    Deskjet 6540 Deskjet 6540dt Deskjet 6540xi Deskjet 6620 Deskjet 6620xi Deskjet 6830 Deskjet 6830v Deskjet 6840 Deskjet 6840dt
    Deskjet 6840xi Deskjet 6940 Deskjet 6940dt Deskjet 6980 Deskjet 6980dt Deskjet 6988 Deskjet 6988dt Deskjet 9800 Deskjet 9800d
    OfficeJet 7210 OfficeJet 7210v OfficeJet 7210xi OfficeJet 7310 OfficeJet 7310xi OfficeJet 7410 OfficeJet 7410xi
    Photosmart 2605 Photosmart 2608 Photosmart 2610 Photosmart 2610v Photosmart 2610xi Photosmart 2613
    Photosmart 2710 Photosmart 2710xi Photosmart 8050 Photosmart 8150 Photosmart 8150v Photosmart 8150xi
    Photosmart 8450 Photosmart 8450v Photosmart 8450xi Photosmart 8750 Photosmart 8750gp Photosmart 8750xi
    Photosmart 8753 Photosmart 8758 Photosmart B8330 Photosmart B8338 Photosmart B8350 Photosmart B8353
  • Replacement Cartridge No. : Hp 96 and HP 97
  • Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow;
  • Capacity: 4 separated compartments prefilled with 480ml (20oz) quality dye ink or 120ml or 5oz each container. Never worry about expensive ink cartridges any more
  • included: installation instruction
  • How to install CISS on HP 96/97 printer:

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